Week 1

TxCae Preand Posst Tests
TxCae Reading

Day 1
1. Program review. Discuss Fast Forward.
2. Summarizing Pretest:
3. Summarizing power point:
TTW have students trace their hand with colorful makers. Fill in "Who, What, When, Where, Why or How" on each finger. Practice saying the questions for summarizing while tracing around the fingers with various colors. Practice summarize "The Three Bears".

Day 2

Study Zone Site with Summarizing
Summarizing Power Points:
Summarizing Games:
4. Summarize from LSR paragraphs:
Summarizing Videos:
Summarizing Song: The Words to the song:

On the promethean board, use the pen tool and various colors to underline Who, What, When, Where, How or Why? TLW then use the underlined informaton to write a summary of the paragraph.
Story 1

The snow was getting worse. All day the wind had been howling, and now it sounded almost alive. "Oh, Mom," said Holly, "do you think Sadie is all right?" Holly's little black dog had been gone three days.
"I'm sure she's fine," Holly's mother said. "That dog can take care of herself. Now get ready for bed."
As Holly headed up the stairs; she heard a noise. "That is Sadie scratching!" She raced to oen the door. In came Sadie, holding something in her mouth.
"A puppy! Mom, she's got a puppy!"
Sure enough, Sadie had a tiny reddish brown puppy in her mouth. She jumped up on Holly's bed, put the puppy on the pillow, and licked it off. Three times she came and went in the storm, until four tiny new puppies were curled up on Holly's bed. Then she curled up herself and took a nap.
"Oh Sadie," said Holly. "You're a hero!"

Story 2:

"Please come down, Mittens," begged Catherine. But the tiny kitten just crawled higher up in the tree. He meowed sadly at Catherine.

Catherine sighed. What was she going to do? "I can't come get you," she said to the kitten. "I've alwasy been afraid of high places! They make me dizzy! I can't climb that tree!"

Mittens just meowed again. It was starting to get dark. If she couldn't get Mittens down, he'd have to spend the night in the tree. And he was too little for that!

Catherine sighed again. Then quickly, so she wouldn't have time to think about it, she grabbed the lowest branch of the old apple tree and began climbing. Before she knew it, she was up on Mitten's high branch.

Now the kitten meowed happily. Carefully, Catherine tucked him into her jacket pocket. Then without looking down, she made her way back to the ground.

"There!" she said, when they were both safe on the firm ground. "Now let's go home for dinner."

Inside her jacket, Mittens just purred.

5. Summarizing from TxCae Reading:
6. summarizing post test:

Day 3
Review summary: Write a summary for the following paragraph:
Long ago in Louisiana lived a boy named Scott. Scott loved to fly his kite. He had made the kite himself. He had painted it with beautiful pictures of purple and gold tigers breathing orange fire. Scott had made a long tail for his kite and attached hollow pieces of bamboo to it. When he flew the kite, the wind blew through the bamboo stems and made a whistling sound. Scott loved the sound it made.

Scott's mom didn't like him spending so much time flying his kite. Scott's family was very poor. They needed everyone to work in the bamboo gardens of Mt. Herman, Louisiana-- even the smallest children-- so they could grow enough bamboo to sell for money for their groceries. Without it, they would go hungry.
During the summer of Scott's ninth birthday, there was a drought and the bamboo did not grow tall enough. There was not enough for the family to sell until the next harvest. Scott knew that his family would go hungry, if something wasn't done.

On the night before his birthday, Scott lay awake thinking about what he could do to help his family. When the sun came up, Scott took his beautiful kite into the French Market and traded it for some vegetables and fruit. Scott watched the merchant place the whistiling kite with purple and gold tigers on the back shelf. Tears came to his eyes. but Scott knew his family would not be hungry.