Week 4: Money

Day 1:
Math Pretest:
Counting Money;Counting Fewest Coins;Counting Change:

Basic Review: http://www.myschoolhouse.com/courses/O/1/11.asp
Money flash cards: http://www.aplusmath.com/flashcards/
  • Counting coins: Use a hundred chart to help students count coins. Have students place coins on the correct number. For instance, given 3 dimes and 1 nickel, students would place dimes on 10, 20, 30 and the nickel on 35. The last coin tells students how much money they have altogether.

  • Making change for a dollar: Place a counter on the price of the object. Place pennies on each square to get to the nearest multiple of 5. Use nickels, dimes or quarters to get to $1.00. Students should begin with whatever combination of coins they wish then work toward using the least number of coins as they become more proficient at making change.
Hundreds chart to print: http://illuminations.nctm.org/lessons/HundredsChart.pdf

1. Use the chart to practice counting by 1's, 5's, 10, 25's. Have coins available for each student.
LEAP skill: .25 = 1/4 of a dollar = 25/100 = 25%; .2/4 = .50 = 50% and 3/4 = .75 = 75/100 = 75%.

Fewest Coins
1. Interactive Power Point: http://www.beaconlearningcenter.com/Weblessons/TooMuchNoise/default.htm
2. Worksheet: http://www.watertown.k12.ma.us/cunniff/math_workshop/03_Grade_3/Chapter_3/03_Ch_3_Use%20Add_and_Sub/03j_AS2_Fewest_Coins/03%20Fewest%20Coins%2001.cwk%20(WP).pdf Use coins to practice.
3. Play the Trading Up Game:
Rules and Information: http://www.mathwire.com/money/tradingup.pdf
Game Board: http://www.mathwire.com/money/tradingupcolor.pdf
4. Find the value of your name. Make that amount using the fewest coins possible. http://www.mathwire.com/money/nameworth.pdf
5. A list of $1.00 words: http://www.kent.k12.wa.us/staff/DougLapp/dollar_words.htm

Day 2:
Continue Review from Day 1.
Making change:
1. Interactive Power Point: http://www.beaconlearningcenter.com/Weblessons/MakingChange/default.htm
2. LEAP Money word problems- Lesson 22: http://www.louisianaschools.net/lde/uploads/2121.pdf
3. Worksheet: http://msmartinezclass.wikispaces.com/file/view/math_p+58+correct+change.pdf
4. Worksheet: http://msmartinezclass.wikispaces.com/file/view/math_p+59+correct+change.pdf

Computer Sites:
1. Fun Brain's Change Maker: http://www.funbrain.com/cashreg/index.html
2. Count the Money Game: http://www.apples4theteacher.com/java/counting/money.html
3. Discover Coin Values: counting Money http://www.toonuniversity.com/flash.asp?err=569&engine=
4. NLVM - 3 games: exact money, make a dollar, how much money: http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/frames_asid_325_g_1_t_1.html
5. Making change: http://www.usmint.gov/kids/games/makingChange/
6. Money Flash cards: http://www.aplusmath.com/flashcards/

Day 3
Review the 2 power points.
Post Test