Week 7

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Day 1:
TLW Read, Analyze and Respond to Literature( ELA -Strand 1)
TLW identifystory elements: setting, plot, characters, rising action, falling action, conclusion, protagonist, antagonist.
TLW identify the selection as a fictional story and discuss the characteristics of fiction.
TTW place the worksheets on a flip chart for filling in after reviewing one of the videos below. Each of the elements will be discussed.
TLW use the story map to write a summary of the selection.

Character traits: http://printables.scholastic.com/printables/f.jsp?id=35526
Setting: http://printables.scholastic.com/printables/detail/?id=35533
Plot Diagram: http://printables.scholastic.com/printables/f.jsp?id=35528
Plot Sheet and Conflict List: http://printables.scholastic.com/printables/f.jsp?id=35529
Story Map: http://printables.scholastic.com/printables/f.jsp?id=35536
Story Train: http://printables.scholastic.com/printables/f.jsp?id=35537
Story elements power point:

Story Elements Flip chart:

Day 2:
TLW identify the traits of a biography.
TLW Read and Respond to a short story on Ken Griffey, Jr. and write a summary using who, what, when, where, how.

Ken Griffey, Jr. In 1990, Ken Griffey, Jr., and his father played for the same baseball team. The team was the Seattle Mariners. They were the first father and son to play in the same line up in baseball history. In one game, they hit back to back homers off the same pitcher. Ken first wore the Mariners' uniform in 1989. During his career with the team, he was an All-Star 10 times. He won the Gold Glove nine times for being a great outfielder. He was his team's all time leader in homers and runs batted in. In 1995, Ken slammed into the wall while fielding a ball hit deep to right center field. He had used his left hand to keep from hitting the wall too hard. He knew right away that something was wrong. His wrist was broken in 15 places. "The first thing I asked the doctor was whether I would be able to play again," Griffey said. He returned to the line up three months later. Griffey was born in Pennsylavania in 1969. He believes in helping his community. For years, he has been active in a group that grants wishes to very ill children. He has hosted Christmas parties for inner-city youth. Griffey has dressed as Santa and given gifts to the boys and girls. In 2000, Ken was traded to the Cincinnati Reds. His dad was the hitting coach for the Reds. Once again, father and son were part of the same team.

1. Underline characters in red.
2. Underline setting in blue.
3. Underline problem in green.

Day 3: TLW use the Ken Griffey story above to answer questions to the story.( Worksheet will be scanned and provided)

1. The year Ken Griffey, Jr. and his father played in the same line up _

2. the sport they play _

3. the year Ken first wore a Mariners' uniform

4. the number of times he won the Gold Glove

5. the position Griffey plays

6. the number of times Ken was an All-Star

7. what Ken broke when he slammed into the wall

8. the state where Ken was born

9. what Griffey's group grants to very ill children

10. the youth for whom he has hosted parties

11. the team to which he was traded in 2000

12. the position held by Ken Griffey, Sr. in 2000

2. TLW view a brain pop video on improving reading skills: http://www.brainpop.com/english/studyandreadingskills/