Week 8

October 27-29, 2009
Leap 21 coach http://www.testprep.com/parts/articles/86LA_sample.pdf

Day 1

1. LEAP Number Lesson 4

Purpose of Lesson 4:
In this lesson, the tutor and the students will practice basic addition and subtraction facts, see the relationship between addition and multiplication, and determine which operation is needed to solve a problem.

Use teacher made flip chart to introduce and review the lesson:
Complete student sheet 13 from this lesson.

Fling the Teacher Multiplication Game

: http://www.myteacherpages.com/webpages/MrsThonus/files/Multiplication%20to%205%20Fling%20the%20Teacher.swf

Day 2

TLW view a video on multiplication:

2. TLW answer and draw the multiple stories

1. Two friends each bought 2 balloons at the circus. How many balloons did they buy in all?

2. A set of triplets decided to go to the circus. Each one wanted her hair braided into two pigtails. How many pigtails did their mom fix in all?

3. Four elephants each got fancy new tassels to put on all 4 of their feet. How many tassels were there in all?

4. A pair of horses needed all new horse shoes before they performed at the circus. How many shoes did their trainer have to change in all?

5. The ringmaster at the three ring circus introduced 3 poodles in the first ring, 3 elephants in the second ring and 3 lions in the third ring. How many animals were performing altogether?

6. A boy was selling bags of peanuts in the bleachers. In each bag there were 5 peanut shells, and there were 2 nuts in each shell. How many separate nuts were there in each bag?

7. There was also a lady in the bleachers selling cotton candy for $1 a package. One father bought 3 packages for his children. How many dollars did he owe the lady for the candy?

8. three acrobats needed new pairs of gloves to match their costumes. How many separate gloves did the seamstress need to sew?

9. The animals were loaded into cages and put on trailers right after the circus. The lions were put on 3 different trailers, each with 4 tires. The driver wanted to check the air on all the tires hauling the lions. How many tires did he have to check?

Day 3

1. Multiplication bingo.
2. TLW practice times tables with games: http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/maths/timestable/interactive.htm